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To sing beyond

“love inspires you to do great things (…) start everyday singing like the birds (…) singing takes you beyond… beyond… beyond”
Tina Turner

There’s so much to be said about the power of our voices, but nothing that I can explain will be so understood as when you experience it. Instead of explaining theory, I simply choose to tell you my story about the way I relate to my voice and how I got ontothe path of working with the voice as an instrument of transformation and healing.

I sing as long as I can remember. As an only child I experimented with my voice to entertain myself while playing and drawing and I gave daily concerts for my neighbors, singing to them from the balcony, four stories high in Alfama, which was like a religious act to me. It meant bringing happiness and joy to people and to myself.

Singing was in fact such a must that teachers in school tried to quiet me by letting me sing all I had to sing at the start of the day, in an attempt to make me not disturb the rest of the class. It helped very little :)

Music and especially singing accompanies me through all my life’s experiences and emotions. It’s present in my sadness and inmy happiness, as well as throughout my transformations and growth.

Music elevates us. It’s a divine comfort and brings up memories of our life’s, connect us to others and to ourselves. To me the voice mirrors the soul. I can relate my sound to all aspects of my personality.

The responses of listeners to my concerts made me aware that there is so much more to the voice than just the beauty of song. Many people told me how my voice touched them, how they feel not only emotional, but also elevated and connected to angels and the love that is present beyond our everyday perception.

It took me quite some time to understand and accept that my purpose in life is to inspire people by following their hearts, to help them sing their soul and to bring beauty, grace, passion and spiritual growth through voice and singing. That is what I call ‘Singing Beyond’.

Sessions, workshops and retreats

Allowing yourself time to take care of your body and soul is vital for a balanced and happy life. Purifying our emotions is as important as the basic needs of our body to cleanse. By liberating our voice, we soften and open our body, unblocking tensions and unblocking the emotions that are connected to this tension.
Inner Voice / Divine voice group Workshop
In this workshop you will be invited to explore your unique voice as a vehicle of self-discovery and transformation. I will invite you to be curious and to be in the present moment, listening to your body, observing your breathing and surrendering to the sounds that are there to be expressed.

You don’t need to be able to sing or to be in tune. This workshop is for everyone with or without experience with voice, that have the wish to liberate, express better, explore. We will do relaxing exercises, breathing exercises, group toning, body movement and song and singing with intentions in small groups. We also use our voices to meditate, connect to our intuition. In the end of the workshop you should feel more open and liberated, happy and relaxed.

Individual Sessions
Your soul song and mandala
The session begins with a voice massage journey to open the body and make you feel comfortable. During this process many emotions, tensions and thoughts can arise. I will work in the moment, accepting what happens and creating the next movement, allowing you to go deep in your emotions, depending on your needs. By this time, you and I already are connected in a respectful intimate space of trust.

When I feel totally in flow with you and my intuition is clear, I will start to do an energy reading through the voice. I connect with what you are ready to show in the moment, with the experiences on earth, from this or other lives. You and I will have images and sensations while my voice mirrors whatever needs to be heard. You will have the insights you need or that you are ready to have. After a while always my voice wants to go on what I call angelic vibrations, a place of love, beauty, light and cleansing. While the energy refines, you connect to your spiritual side or true essence and pure origin, and I sing your song. A unique personal song that is there for you in the moment. This personal song will keep you in contact with this experience and many changes can be observed, if you’re open to receive. I will record, cut and send the personal song for you, afterwards, by email or postmail. You can combine this with a personal mandala that I can make for you and send to you later, by post.

Voice liberation and Voice healing retreat with Carla Pontes assisting Jacky Peeters (NL)

Voice Liberation and Voice Healing is singing and sounding what is in you, in the present moment. Through your breathing and your unique sounds, you express what you experience, here and now. Often this kind of singing and sounding brings you into contact with tension, discomfort or emotions that block you unconsciously. This way, the light can shine on your shadows so you can liberate yourself.

We can use our voice not only to express, liberate and heal ourselves, but also to direct our healing voice to others.

During the training, you will experience how much we can offer each other through sounding and singing, while tuning into other person’s issues.

What to expect? Through daily subjects, and your personal intention, we will guide you in discovering your unique voice.

The subjects are acceptance, longing, hope & faith, letting go & surrendering and love.

During this profound process, you will probably contact hidden emotions and unconscious beliefs.

By accepting and expressing matters that you usually rather avoid, will lead you to experience more space, playfulness, joy and love: liberation.

The daily morning sessions will include guided meditation, silence, sharing with the talkingstick, bodywork, breathing excercises, (mantra)singing, singing and sounding in the circle, in couples and individually, sounding your name, lament singing, systemic work, rituals and giving and receiving sound baths and voice healings.

There is plenty of space for individual attention in a safe setting and loving atmosphere.

Soul Song and Mandala

A personal soul song is a song created especially for you, as I connect with your energy.

My voice will mirror and trigger you in whatever makes you feel or see while you listen to it. Can be sometimes a mantra or a mix of melodies and rhythms. If you prefer, you can ask specifically for a chakra song journey.

This means that I connect with your energy and from the root chakra until the crown chakra, I will sing.

In any of these options you will receive an intuitive, simple, pure and honest recording. This recording is a journey to which you can always come back, meditating on it. A message will be attached to the CD in the form of a poem or a single statement.

In the chakra song journey, some more information about each chakra can be sent. The voice is the main source of transmission, but other ambient sounds can be added.

The song might be only vocalises, intuitive language (gibberish) or spoken words about what might be good for you to hear. You can combine this with a personal Mandala.

A personal Mandala is drawn and painted by me, based on some basic information like your name, date of birth, favorite colors etc. Usually I paint with color pencils. Have a look at some examples and be free to ask more info about it.

Enjoy the journey!

If you are not able to be present in an individual session or if you want to offer this to other person, it is possible to do the personal song and mandala even so.

In that case, you will have to let me know some things about the person by writing down some information and send me a picture.

Please contact for further information.

Meditative concerts

A Meditative Concert is a sound journey to make you meditate, relax, have creative dreams, while you receive a bath by the voice and the instruments.

The voice is the main instrument, although other instruments can be added, like the shruti box, the harp, keyboard, percussion, wind chimes, tibetan and cristal bowls, xamanic and ocean drum, shruti box, hang pan and native american flute.

According to Julianna Raye, many people believe relaxation is the primary goal of meditation. In fact, calming the mind is an essential facet of the meditative path.

Equally essential, though, is the cultivation of insight. Raye explains that mindfulness practice is designed to promote insight. In fact, it’s also known as insight meditation. With mindfulness, you’re not looking to achieve any particular state (such as relaxation). Instead, you’re working meditatively with whatever comes up.

So, if you're listening to music as your practice, you're discovering what’s happening inside you while you listen to that music. You’re exploring your relationship to the music, as a path of self discovery. Ultimately, insight is what turns any ordinary experience, like relaxation, into a profoundly satisfying experience.

According to Niels Hansen, in a way music is always contemplative. Hansen explains that music brings us in touch with layers of life and being that are not so available in other modes of life, busy with practical external goals and standards.

It uses sound, even the voice, but without the constraints of syntax and semantics sound is allowed to be exploring and expressing more directly – and in a very present, embodied way – what is alive in the awake in the "present".

Usually, you can sit or lay down comfortably and just listen and relax, but also, depending on the thematic, I can ask the participants to join with their own voice.

However, you can always stay silent and just receive.

By attending these meditative concerts as a regular routine, you will allow yourself to develop deep listening and time for yourself.



About me

Carla Pontes
Singing, acting and improvisation had a strong presence in my life, since I was a little child.

I used my voice as an instintive way of transforming the mood. I was also fascinated by drawing and later studied arts and crafts and became a teacher. At the same time, I never stopped singing and I started studing classical singing, becoming an opera singer in the Algarve.

I attended several classes and masterclasses with inumerous teachers in Portugal and abroad to develop my technique.

I have always believed that the voice has a strong connection with our body and emotions in a deeper level.

Therefore, I studied with people that worked body, movement and voice connection, like the fabulous Meredith Monk, Jorge Parente (Zygmunt Molik (co-founder of Grotowski’s Theatre Laboratorium)) and the sound healing and ancestral healing pioneer Jill Purce.

I attended BioVoice course and Estill Voice Training System® - figures of voice control.

I took a post-graduation in ArTherapy and Waking Dream Therapy, gathering art, music and creative visualization.

Actually I continue studing, singing and giving singing lessons and workshops.

I use sound to meditate and relax with Tibetan Bowls and Voice Sessions and Massages, a mixture that I call Sound Voice Massage Journey.

More info about me and my work:

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